Training for Ground Personnel and Other Staff

All ground staff and operators must make sure that their training is up-to-date and matches their roles and responsibilities. Training of flight operations personnel makes your operation more efficient and cost-effective.

Below you find a description of the different aviation areas in which we offer ground staff training.

All courses are EASA and FAA compliant.



Aviation training ground operations and staff
flight operations assistant FOA ground training

FOA - Flight Operations Assistant

As a Flight Operations Assistant, it is important to follow safety and security standards when monitoring delays, arranging logistics, or writing flight plans.

The job includes reporting of safety issues and hazards. If a breach of security goes unreported, it can turn fatal. But safety in the operational environment cannot be boiled down to a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Our FOA training introduces all of the components that must work together to ensure a safe environment. You will learn about everything from aircraft general knowledge, cost-index, fuel savings, and operational procedures to human factors, dangerous goods, and fatigue risk management.

aviation dangerous goods CBTA

Dangerous Goods (IATA Competency-Based Training)

Safe transport of Dangerous Goods is important for the whole aviation community.

Our Dangerous Goods training incorporates Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) to train various job functions within the aviation environment to identify potential hazards and handle dangerous goods. This approach to training ensures that personnel are competent in functions relating to the safe transport of dangerous goods by air.

The training has been approved by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authorities and complies with current regulations.

ground staff training aviation

MISCELLANEOUS Ground Staff Courses

We offer various training courses aimed at ground staff such as:

  • PBN – Performance Based Navigation
  • MNPS – Minimum Navigation Performance Specification
  • RVSM – Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
  • Fuel Efficiency and Flight Planning, incl. Cost Index

We can always tailor a course to fit the needs of your organisation.

Please reach out to us to explore your opportunities.

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