Interactive Classroom Training
for Pilots and Cabin Crew

Are your skills and competencies up-to-date? Do you know how your attitude and behaviour affects others?

Interactive Classroom Training
for Pilots and Cabin Crew

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Where humans work, errors inevitably occur.

The purpose of CRM training is to achieve safe and efficient operations by developing a mindset for understanding and handling human errors. CRM training cannot eliminate human errors, but you can learn how to handle situations more efficiently in the operational environment.

Our interactive CRM training emphasises and facilitates the enhancement, coherence, and assessment of non-technical Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes of flight and cabin crew.

We offer initial and recurrent CRM Training for flight crew, cabin crew, and helicopter operators - separate or combined. Our CRM training also includes operator's conversion courses, commander courses, and SCCM courses.

Do you conduct your own CRM training? Discover our interactive MAYDAY Training Tool for CRM training - and let us discuss how we can implement it into your existing training programme.

Other training courses

Are you looking for specific crew training? We offer classroom-led and interactive training within the following areas:

  • Safety & Emergency Procedure (SEP)
  • Fatigue Risk Management (FRM)
  • Dangerous Goods (IATA Competency-Based Training & Assessment)
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
  • Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS)
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)
  • Fuel Efficiency and Flight Planning, incl. Cost Index
  • Flight Management System (FMS)

We can always tailor a course to fit the needs of your organisation. Please reach out to us to explore your opportunities.

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