Do You Maintain Smaller Business Aircraft?

Discover which type training courses we offer for Pilatus PC-12 and legacy aircraft like the Fairchild/Metroliner.

Do You Maintain Smaller Business Aircraft?
Pilatus PC12 type training b1 b2 cat c

Pilatus PC12 Type Training

A well-trained mechanic is crucial to ensuring good technical safety records and cost-effective maintenance inputs. This applies to the daily work of scheduled maintenance as well as troubleshooting and unforeseen repairs.

We provide combined B1.1 and B2 Type Training with detailed theoretical and practical training that enhances knowledge of the systems of aircraft including the structure, operations, maintenance, inspections, limitations, repairs, and troubleshooting. This training approach enables the participants to safely perform actual maintenance, inspections, routine repairs, component replacements, and troubleshooting according to the maintenance manual and other relevant instructions.

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Fairchild SA226/SA227 type training

We offer the following type training courses for B1, B2, and Cat. C:

  • Fairchild SW226 series (Metroliner)
  • Fairchild SW227 series (Metroliner)

The courses consist of two parts: Knowledge training and a subsequent examination as well as practical training with a final assessment.

All our Part-147 type training courses comply with the requirements listed in EASA Part-66.

Please reach out to us if you wish to know more about the Fairchild SA226/SA227 type training course.

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EC155 type training airbus helicopter

Eurocopter EC155 B2 Type Training

Our B2 Type Training for Eurocopter EC155 (now Airbus Helicopter H155) focuses on the electrical and avionics aspects of EASA Part-66 requirements.

We apply a practical approach to training which enables maintenance staff to perform tasks such as troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments, replacements, rigging, and functional checks in accordance with regulations and instructions for the H155 helicopter.

The training helps mechanical staff refresh and enhance their awareness of the use of technical literature and documentation as well as the use of special tooling and test equipment for removal and replacement of components and modules to ensure the airworthiness of the H155 helicopter.

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Photo credit: Ned Dawson (for Air Greenland)

We are an EASA approved Part-147
Training and Examination Organisation!

What is EASA Part-147?

EASA Part-147 defines the standard for Continuing Airworthiness. In other words, Part-147 approved training organisations must ensure the requirement standard for aircraft maintenance training and licenses.

AEROTEAM Training Solutions holds a Part-147 approval for Type Training. This means that we can develop training courses for business aircraft to fit your demands exactly. All training courses comply with the required standards for Type Training set forth by EASA Part-66.

After successfully completing our Type Training, you will receive a Certificate of Recognition (CoR) which enables you to apply for an AML endorsement with your local Authority.

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