Enhancement of Non-Technical Skills Is Crucial to Flight Safety

Effective communication is key in aviation.

Not only does good communication skills enhance teamwork and complex problem-solving abilities. Communication can improve situational awareness and enhance the understanding of flight safety.



Think, discuss, decide

The MAYDAY Active Learning Tools expose the participants to different issues, situations, and challenges in the operational environment. But this is done from the safe distance of a classroom.

"How will you and your team resolve this situation?"

That question is the focal point of MAYDAY.

The learning tools promote teamwork and interpersonal communication to solve the tasks at hand. As a unit. The training offers a very structured process in which the participants must solve problems, prioritise actions, and make decisions.

Every decision has the potential to escalate into a critical event. Therefore, the team must make sure to keep track of the decisions made during the game. No decision is exempt from consequences. The heavy emphasis on group decision-making and effective communication will enhance the understanding of non-technical skills and safety.

The main purpose of MAYDAY is to prevent that the mistakes the participants make during the training is transferred to the operational environment. In the game, the participants experience the sometimes fatal consequences of allowing human errors. With the proper training, the risk of human error in the operational environment decreases.

Benefits of MAYDAY

MAYDAY enhances non-technical skills in a non-operational environment. After each training session, participants receive valid feedback on their performance, behaviour, and attitude.

"Why is it a good thing that MAYDAY is self-facilitating?"

Because it saves you resources for preparation and execution.

In turn, the game aspect forces the participants to take ownership of their learning process by interacting and making decisions, collectively. The trainer serves as a facilitator who provides feedback to the participants by assessing their performance and behaviour during the training.

Another benefit of the MAYDAY Active Learning Tools is the integration of briefings and debriefings as well as safety surveys. The latter serve as an assessment of the attitudes and behaviours displayed during the game which can help the participants and your organisation understand how those factors influence the operational environment.

The very purpose of MAYDAY is to highlight problem areas which can potentially turn human errors into fatal scenarios. The tools incorporate various factors to enhance awareness of personal safety issues and hazardous attitudes and behaviours which could pose a threat to flight safety.


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