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Aviation is becoming an increasingly complex field to navigate in, making the demand for compliance even more important.

Managers in aviation have a responsibility to display good leadership skills and professional business knowledge that can ensure flight safety and reduce the risk of human errors throughout the entire organisation.

Below you find a description of the different aviation areas in which we offer management training and consultancy.

All courses are EASA and FAA compliant.



aviation management training

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aviation training nominated person airworthiness

nominated persons Training

Nominated Persons take on the role of manager and supervisor in one or more assigned areas of responsibility. Therefore, it is crucial that nominated personnel knows and can enforce the different rules and regulations the job demands.

The courses revolve around the responsibility of being a Nominated Person according to EASA standards. The aim is to obtain general knowledge of safety activities and objectives in order to get the proper approval from national authorities to function as a Nominated Person.

Our training is aimed at personnel currently working as or training to become a Nominated Person within their field of responsibility.

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auditor training aviation

Auditor training

All aviation professionals must adopt a mindset of safety and compliance in terms of defined standards. Compliance monitoring, or conducting audits, is the process of determining whether standards are followed. This job is assigned to auditors.

Being an auditor requires intricate knowledge of standards and regulations for products, services, and processes. But one thing is doing the job. Another thing is knowing why it is important to conduct quality control and ensure conformity to regulations.

Auditors work with objective evidence through observations and interviews, particularly in the areas of SMS, quality control, and supply chain relations. Our services include initial and recurrent auditor training to ensure that auditors act and behave according to these standards.

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security manager NASP 13.1 basic training

Security Managers NASP 13.1 (basic training)

Please note that our NASP 13.1 basic course is a prerequisite to attend the Security Seminar held by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority (Trafikstyrelsen).

The prevalence of terror threats, security breaches, and the like has increased the focus on security. Not just in aviation, but in most professions where security affects virtually every aspect of the operation. Whether your job involves passengers, customers, cargo, maintenance, or security checkpoints, you have a responsibility to keep the industry and the work environment safe.

Our Security Management training raises awareness of security aspects by introducing security measures and regulations that are crucial to know in order to work responsibly with security. Our objective is to enable you to apply best practice into your workplace – and identify, address, and prevent potential security threats.

This course will raise your security awareness and provide you with the specific knowledge needed in order to attend the mandatory Security Seminar held by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.

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safety management system aviation training sms

SMS - Safety Management System

How does your organisation manage safety risks and ensure efficient safety procedures and risk evaluations as part of your quality system?

A Safety Management System (SMS) is about identifying bad procedures, hazards, risks, and insufficient barriers. Being aware of the potential dangers in your organisation allows you to make informed decisions to either accept them or do something actively to address the situation. 

Our introductory SMS training for managers in Part-145 and Part-21 organisations provides the fundamental knowledge to design and implement a safety management system tailored to your needs. Applying a new safety mindset contributes to a strong safety culture in all layers of your organisation.

In 2022, EASA established a mandatory requirement for Part-145 maintenance organisations to have SMS implemented into their quality system. Similar requirements will apply for Part-21G Production and Part-21J Design. The deadline for compliance expires on December 2, 2024.

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Have you already implemented a functioning SMS?

We provide tailored initial and continuation SMS training for your staff
taking your specific procedures into consideration.

EASA Part-145 regulation training for management

Regulation Training

Regulations and standards from ICAO, EASA, and the FAA form the basis for everything we do in aviation.

In short terms: Everything and everyone must be compliant.

Our competency-based Regulation Training is aimed at personnel working with or preparing to work within Part-145, Part-66, or Part-147 as Nominated Persons, designated deputies within airworthiness, or the like. Accountable Managers, Quality Managers, and auditors may benefit from the training as well.

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