Management Must Lead the Way

Managers in aviation have a responsibility to display good leadership skills and professional business knowledge that can ensure flight safety and reduce the risk of human errors throughout the entire organisation.

Management Must Lead the Way

Nominated Person training

It is crucial that people working as a Nominated Person or training to become one know and can enforce the different rules and regulations the job demands.

The aim of training is to obtain general knowledge of safety activities and objectives in order to get the proper approval from national authorities to function as a Nominated Person.

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Auditor training

Being an auditor requires intricate knowledge of standards and regulations for products, services, and processes. But one thing is doing the job. Another thing is knowing why it is important to conduct quality control and ensure conformity to regulations.

We offer initial and recurrent auditor training to ensure that auditors act and behave according to EASA standards.

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Safety Management System Training

How does your organisation manage safety risks and ensure efficient safety procedures and risk evaluations as part of your quality system?

Our introductory SMS training for managers in Part-145 and Part-21 organisations provides the fundamental knowledge to design and implement a safety management system tailored to your needs.

Applying a new safety mindset contributes to a strong safety culture in all layers of your organisation.

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Security Managers NASP 13.1 (basic training)

Our Security Management training raises awareness of security aspects by introducing security measures and regulations that are crucial to know in order to work responsibly with security. 

The training enables you to apply best practice into your workplace – and identify, address, and prevent potential security threats.

You must complete and pass the NASP 13.1 basic course in order to attend the Security Seminar held by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority (Trafikstyrelsen).

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security manager NASP 13.1 basic training
EASA Part-145 regulation training for management

Regulation Training

Regulations and standards from ICAO, EASA, and the FAA constitutes the foundation for everything we do in aviation.

Regulation training is aimed at personnel working with or preparing to work within Part-145, Part-66, or Part-147 as Nominated Persons and designated deputies within airworthinessAccountable Managers, Quality Managers, and auditors may benefit from the training as well.

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