Aircraft General Knowledge (Jet)

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The tube-shaped package includes:

  • 1x board game with layout of aircraft
  • Tokens with names of components

We pack the tool in a quality cardboard tube for easy transportation and storage.

This training tool is available for:

  • Jet aircraft
  • Turboprop aircraft

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We believe that cabin crew and all non-flying personnel gain a better understanding of aircraft and the placement of different components such as flaps and slats through interactive training in general aircraft knowledge.

MAYDAY Aircraft General Knowledge provides interactive training for cabin crew and all non-flying personnel in general aircraft knowledge.

How does it work?

The participants are presented with different parts of an aircraft and must work together to place and locate different components from slaps and flaps to emergency equipment.

Duration 15-30 min.
Group size 2-5 people
Topics Aircraft knowledge, technical training cabin crew.
Benefits High learning effect, active participation, group dynamics
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