Location & Procedure Trainer for A319

EUR 499,00
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The tube-shaped package includes:

  • 1x board with layout of aircraft
  • Equipment tokens (varies with aircraft type and operator)
  • Procedure tokens

We pack the tool in a quality cardboard tube for easy transportation and storage.

We can customise the tool for any aircraft type and model with the proper layout and placement of emergency equipment. Please reach out to us with any inquiry you may have.

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We know that a strong knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Procedures enhances flight safety. We can enhance that knowledge by strengthening the training of locations and procedures onboard aircraft.

MAYDAY Location & Procedure Trainer provides an interactive approach to knowledge of aircraft locations and procedures by combining training in location of emergency equipment with SOPs and Emergency Procedures. 
The tool is aimed a cabin crew.

How does it work?

MAYDAY Location & Procedure Trainer provides a platform to train group dynamics and teamwork in both normal and emergency situations.

The tool is available for the following aircraft types:

  • A319
  • A320
  • A340
  • CJR 200 (2 versions)
  • ATR 72-500

What is in it for you?

You can use this training tool to facilitate and assess the performance of the crew in terms of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude in the following categories:

  • Location of emergency equipment
  • Normal Procedures (SOP)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Connection between theory and operational use of equipment and associated procedures
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