MAYDAY Stress Management Training Tool

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The package includes:

  • 1x game board
  • 1x set of staff cards
  • 1x set of event cards
  • 1x set of action cards
  • 1x set of reflection cards
  • 1x facilitator’s guide

We pack the board game in a quality cardboard box for easy transportation and storage.

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We know that stress has negative physical and cognitive consequences. Not only on our bodies, but also on our performance. Therefore, we believe that it is crucial to identify, address, and prevent stress proactively to secure the well-being and performance of employees.

MAYDAY Stress Management is an interactive learning game about stress. How does it occur? How does it affect the employee and the organisation? How can you prevent it?

The “Stress consultant in a box” draws on the most recent theories and practical cases dealing with stress prevention by illustrating how teams can act proactively if a colleague is at risk of becoming ill with stress.

How does it work?

MAYDAY Stress Management is scenario-based as it presents the participants with realistic workplace scenarios which play out in an airline company under pressure throughout the course of one year.

The game is self-facilitating which means that the participants must collaborate as a team to succeed with their core tasks – while simultaneously help create a stress-preventive company culture. The game can only be completed if the participants actively discuss, make decisions, communicate, and interact with the purpose of creating a company culture that will prevent stress.

During the game, the participants must reflect on how they can transfer their new insights and perspectives to their own workplace environment.

Learning outcome

MAYDAY Stress Management allows the participants to discuss and make decisions in a simulated reality, where the wrong decisions will not have a cost or pose a risk.

The game facilitates a shared language for stress prevention, generates useful reflections, and supports shared ownership of the task at hand. In turn, the participants learn more about themselves. As individuals and team members.

The game offers the following benefits and enhanced abilities:

  • Balance work assignments and unforeseen tasks
  • Identify colleagues under pressure – and act accordingly
  • Create and maintain a stress-preventive company culture and structure
  • Identify good qualities vs. areas of improvement
Duration 90 min.
Group size 3 – 5 players per game
Topics Stress Management and Prevention
Benefits Highlights a proactive approach to stress prevention, can be used on theme days, for seminars or courses etc.
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