Pre-flight Breifing Cards

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The box of briefing cards contains between 800-900 questions in the following categories:

  • Standard Operating Procedures  
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures  
  • Safety Equipment  
  • First Aid
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Flight Time Limitations
  • Search and Rescue / Survival
  • A/C type specific (optional)

We pack the cards in a practical cardboard box with magnetic lock.

Please note that we can help you develop additional cards and categories depending on aircraft type and/or operator.

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We believe that safety constitutes an essential part of cabin crew awareness. Our belief in safety management has inspired this facilitation tool that trains crew safety briefings before flight.

The Pre-flight Briefing Cards provide cabin crew with inspiration for this phase of their work by facilitating an open discussion and ensuring a reciprocating learning outcome. The cards are suitable for:

  • Pre-flight safety briefings
  • Safety & Emergency training
  • Standard Operating Procedures training

How does it work?

When implementing these cards into your safety management, you enhance the crew’s:

  • Operational knowledge of procedures
  • Knowledge of pre-flight crew safety briefings
  • Knowledge of the specific location of equipment

The briefing cards can also serve as inspiration for the Senior Cabin Crew Member (SCCM) or the person in charge of the pre-flight crew safety briefings as the cards help identify lack in knowledge. The cards thus provide an opportunity to consult the manuals for answers.

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