New Website. Same Mission

We can finally reveal the exciting project we have been working on in secret for the past few months: Our new website is live.

And let's be honest... That project was loooong overdue.

Every business with the slightest respect for themselves has a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Looking back at the website we have presented the past 15 years, it appears that we did not belong to that category of businesses… Until now.

On June 1, we launched our brand new website for the world to see. And we welcome you into our world of interactive aviation training.

Our website is not just a website. It serves as a welcoming platform for people who are invested in finding aviation training solutions that enhance flight safety on all levels.


Easy to Navigate

If this is your first time visiting our little training universe, the first thing that greets you is the menu bar. This feature guides you to the themes and topics you wish to explore further. You can learn more about the different areas in which we offer training – or you can dive into our world of active learning tools under the name MAYDAY.

One thing is for sure; you are always welcome to reach out to us, if you have any questions. Big and small.

We are here to help you realise your training needs in any way we can.


Keepers of safety

“But does your new website mean that you have become a completely new business?”

On the contrary! Our new website simply helps us show the world who we are, and always have been. This means that our mission of providing interactive classroom training solutions for aviation professionals all around the world remains the same.

We believe that our approach to aviation training enhances safety and creates more competent pilots, cabin crew, ground operators, and maintenance staff who are ready to fight for safety in everything they do. You might even call us keepers of safety. And you can become one, too.

Our website is just like a freshly baked butter croissant - or a homegrown tomato. It makes people want to take a bite.


The Human Factor: When Humans Make Mistakes...

The Human Factor: When Humans Make Mistakes...

Making mistakes is a human condition. We cannot eliminate human errors, but we can take the time to learn why humans make mistakes – and bring down the risk. This article dives into one crucial aspect of aviation: Human Factors.

What Is the Value of Auditor Training?

What Is the Value of Auditor Training?

Auditors rely heavily on their knowledge, skills, and expertise when performing audits. A fact which makes auditor training an invaluable measure to continuously ensure a compliant, safe, and efficient operation.

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