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Does Your Culture and Structure
Prevent and Manage Stress?


Contribute to creating a culture and structure in your organisation which prevents and manages stress. But how and why does stress occur? And how does it affect your organisation?

We know that stress has numerous negative physical and cognitive consequences. For those affected by stress, but also the workplace that must do without their absent colleagues.

We believe in a proactive approach, in which the organisation is prepared to identify, manage, and prevent stress.

In fact, you can build a better understanding of stress through play. Our approach to stress is called MAYDAY Stress Management.

A Game About Stress, Culture & Structure

MAYDAY Stress Management is a scenario-based and interactive learning game about stress. The game presents the participants with a team of colleagues in a fictitious organisation under pressure.

MAYDAY is self-facilitating. This means that the participants are guided safely through the phases of the game. But at the same time, the learning outcome and insights solely depend on their own effort and participation.

MAYDAY Stress Management offers a lot of benefits for organisations that wish to prevent and manage stress more effectively.

When the game is finished, the participants are able to better:

  • Balance core tasks and unforeseen jobs which require new priorities and attention
  • Identify colleagues under pressure – and take measures to help them
  • Create and maintain a stress preventive culture and structure within the organisation
  • Identify the good qualities in the organisation as well as areas of improvement

Insights into Your Own Reality

The participants must work together to solve the core tasks of a fictional organisation while simultaneously trying to create a stress preventive organizational culture and structure.

The game is contingent upon active participation, where the team actively discusses, makes decisions, communicates, and interacts. This process paves the way for insights, reflections, and perspectives which the participants can transfer to their own organisation and reality.

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Our offer to your organisation is...

A Course for the Whole Organisation

We offer an interactive course for your organisation where you drive the process.

You can lease our MAYDAY Stress Management tool and apply it in your own stress courses. You will appoint one or more facilitators who oversee the courses. In your own organisation. For your own employees.

We recommend that every member of your organisation – this means managers and employees – participates. This enables you to gain a common understanding of the challenges at play and allows you to implement new initiatives to prevent and manage stress.

Training of your facilitator(s)

We will train your facilitators to conduct a course about the prevention and management of stress in your own organisation.

The duration of the course is 6 hours. Here, your facilitators will gain basic knowledge about stress, prevention, facilitation, and active learning. At the same time, they will be instructed in how to use the MAYDAY Stress Management tool and collect data which can be used to improve your organisational culture and structure.

And that’s it. You are now ready to play your way to a better understanding of stress and actually use the results from the game to prevent and manage stress.

Follow-up, sparring & evaluation

Have you gained something from MAYDAY?

We will invite your facilitators to a follow-up meeting where we summarise and discuss the results from your internal stress courses.

At the meeting, we will provide tangible tools to improve your culture and structure, enabling you to become more robust and resilient in relation to stress.

We also offer sparring about initiatives you can implement across your organisation. This way, your new experiences and insights do not get lost in everyday routines.

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Is your organisation ready to strengthen your culture and structure,
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